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Harmony United Events: Uniting communities through unforgettable experiences that inspire positive change.

Upcoming Events and Workshops

Join us for transformative events and workshops, connecting you to underprivileged communities and fostering positive change. Learn, grow, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Ignite Your Creativity Workshop

Jul 24, 2026

Unleash your creativity at our inspiring workshop. Ignite your artistic potential and bring your visions to life.

Community Garden Volunteer Day

Aug 23, 2026

Join us for a rewarding day of volunteering at our Community Garden Volunteer Day.

Healthcare Access Symposium

Oct 14, 2026

Join the Healthcare Access Symposium to address challenges in healthcare for underprivileged communities.

Empowerment Through Education Seminar

Dec 07, 2026

Discover the power of education at our seminar. Break the cycle of poverty.

Ashley Davis

Business Owner

Harmony United’s healthcare services made a significant difference in my life. Compassionate team, exceptional care.